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Biologa Danell


LED G9 5,5W

Near-natural LED light source as an alternative to the conventional G9 high-voltage halogen lamp with excellent colour rendering and "flicker-free" light

Low energy consumption, Long lifetime

Building biology optimised lampo for daily use

Fits in many existing shielded Biologa Danell luminaires


Climate protection is important to us!

We have further revised the area of packaging; to a large extent we can do without plastics. We reuse packaging that we have received. If plastic is still used, then only until stocks are used up.

What makes us happy and drives us in everyday life:

  • The daily, climate-neutral shipping of our parcels with DHL GoGreen
  • The Eifel Primeval Beech Forest Project, which we have been supporting since 2019
  • Our general energy needs, as well as those of our domain and email servers, are met from 100% renewable energy.
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Shielding from electrosmog - high quality products online

Your own home is a place of peace and relaxation. Here you want to feel good and get away from everyday life switch off. But even in your own four walls we are not protected from electromagnetic radiation - by mobile phones, transmission masts and electrical devices we are electrosmog almost delivered everywhere. Many people are therefore insecure and want to protect their health by effective shielding protection and preserve.

Your health is also close to our heart - that is why you will find a comprehensive Selection of organic building products. Browse through our categories home textiles, building products, installation technology, shielded luminaires, measurement technology and accessories and discover our wide range of high-quality products for shielding from electrosmog to low price.

If you would like more detailed information on the subject of shielding, we recommend our Seminar on low and high frequency shielding. If you have any questions, we will of course be happy to arrange a detailed consultation with you at Decree. You can reach us by telephone under +49 7433 955 7172, by e-mail: and via our contact form..

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you in a competent and friendly manner.

Comprehensive product selection in the Biologa Danell Online Shop

A visit to our Online Shop is worthwhile - here we offer you a large selection of different building biology products for Shielding of high-frequency electromagnetic waves (HF) and low-frequency electrical (EWF), as well as magnetic Alternating fields (MWF).

Our product range includes for example glass fibre reinforcement fabrics, painting and repair fabrics, Mattress protector with integrated fine copper metallized fleece, shielding clothing, LF or HF shielding paint, shielded Socket strips with two-pole disconnection, Mains isolator or disconnector, workplace lamps, table lamps or floor lamps

but also the EMF indicator ESI 24 or LF indicator ESI 22.

Take your time to look around and convince yourself of the high quality and high Functionality of our products for shielding of electrosmog. If you have any questions, we will be happy to help you with advice and support.

Biologa Products - Reinforcing Fabric G-ES Special - Shielding Fabric Diamant Plus - Mattress Protector MTS
Biologa Products - Clothing New Antiwave - Shielding paint HF65 - Power strip STL4
Biologa Products - Demand Switch NA 16-1P Standard - Illuminant LED - Indicator ESI24

Comprehensive protection against electrosmog

Alternating electric fields are created by alternating electric voltage in installations, cables and devices, Sockets and distribution boxes - namely even when there is no current at all. To reduce electrosmog in your home, the Switching off the devices therefore often does not turn them off. On If in doubt, you can switch off the bedroom security at night. Also a mains cut-off switch, as well as Shielded socket strips with two-pole Shut down, special mattress covers and shielding clothing are helpful.

In our online shop you will find a selection of corresponding building biology products for shielding - discover our offer.

Further products for shielding against electrosmog

WLAN, mobile communications and power lines - electromagnetic fields are everywhere. Only a few people perceive these rays, but there are electro-sensitive people, where electrosmog can cause headaches and sleep disturbances. Therefore the interest in shielding measures is growing and corresponding products more and more.

For example, special wall paint is ideal for shielding. So-called Shielding color causes a shielding low-frequency alternating electric fields as well as high-frequency of electromagnetic waves. Also a derivation static charges is possible.

As a further measure, highly metallized polyester fabric or special steel mesh can be used in the facade area can be installed. For the interior area we recommend shielding fleece, which can be laid under a floor covering or under wall coverings stapled up.

Socket strips with switches are used for shielding against alternating electrical fields at mains voltage. A double pole switch ensures that all plugged in devices are reliable and also double-pole disconnected from the mains.

Mains disconnectors, also called mains isolators, are installed in the fuse box. Thus the alternating voltage to a biological uncritical DC voltage changes as soon as no more energy is required in the affected circuit will.

Biologa application - demand switch NA 16-1P Standard
Biologa application - shielding paint HF65
BBiologa application - G-ES special roof area