Adamantan 003

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  • for large-scale shielding of high-frequency electromagnetic waves, low-frequency alternating electric fields and dissipation of static charges
  • finely woven, corrosion-proof wire mesh made of special steel
  • breathable, tear-resistant, and flexible
  • fabric for use in dry construction

Adamantan 003 is a very finely woven, corrosion-proof stainlesssteel mesh for shielding from high-frequency electromagnetic waves and low-frequency electric alternating fields.

Adamantan 003 is used for roofs, walls, and ceilings, primarily in dry construction. Special uses, e.g. as a fly screen or possible partitions. Due to the high shielding attenuation (~50 dB), the fabric also meets the highest demands.

Through the fine and flexible structure of the fabric, even complicated wall areas such as wall penetrations, corners, window reveals, and similar areas can be effectively covered and perfectly integrated into the shielding area.

Through the very fine, nearly textile feel and the possibility of sewing the material, it is also conceivable to create a bed canopy from Adamantan 003.




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