Grounding Set – ESB, 350 cm

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  • For safe earthing and discharging of contactable shielding textiles, as well as shielding fleeces and loosely laid building fabrics.
  • Transparent earthing cable 350 cm with attached push button and accessories
  • For fixed wiring

The earthing set-B consists of a 3.5 metre long transparent earthing cable with a push button and a wire end sleeve at each end.

The push button has an enlarged contact surface and is attached to the shielding material.

The wire end sleeve attached to the end is used for fixed wiring at the points provided for this purpose in the electrical installation (socket, fuse box, SPA-FPA rail).

The necessary installation must be carried out by a qualified electrician. A residual current circuit breaker (FI, RCD ≤ 30mA) must be present in the circuit. This device is a standard part of every electrical installation and will be installed by your electrician if not available.

All electrical work (work on electrical equipment and installations) must be carried out and inspected by a qualified electrician or under their direction and supervision!

Only use the earthing set in normally tempered, dry indoor rooms. Do not use outdoors!

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