Grounding cable ESR-USB cables - notebook

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  • for safe earthing of electrically contactable devices with USB Type A socket
  • for easy screwing onto the earthing plug ESR-SA Schukoadapter.
  • Transparentes Cable 2,5 mm² - 350 cm - 1 x Ringöse M4 / 2,5 mm² - 1 x USB-Stecker Type A

Grounding cable for connection to the grounding plug ESR-SA Schukoadapter. For safe contacting of notebooks, routers and other devices with USB socket type A. No data transmission, can only be used for earthing purposes.

Experience shows that (depending on the measuring method) the value of the electrical alternating fields on notebooks is reduced from 50 - 300 V/m to mostly 1 - 6 V/m.

Grounding of electrically conductive metal parts of office equipment using ESR-MSDS-ST and ESR-MSDS-USB grounding connection systems specially developed for this purpose.

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